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What cookies Fox Search uses and why

You are on www.foxsearch.co.uk website this website uses cookies we will explain why below

Websites use cookies to make them work and function efficiently, as well as providing information to the website owners.

We use cookies for instance when you actively provide your personal data to Fox Search for any specific purpose such as to receive our press job alerts, job newsletters, other alerts or to register, such personal data will be stored by us.

The cookies we use on this website are functional cookies and analytical cookies.

The cookies are activated at the start of your visit to the site or when you visit a specific section of the site. Some cookies will be automatically removed when you close the browser (session cookies). Some remain for a longer period.

It is also possible that other parties place cookies on your device via our website. This is the case when you click on buttons or links that connect you to the other parties’ website such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and other social media or websites.

When you click on these buttons or links, the other parties will be responsible for the information collected through their website’s cookies.

The functional cookies we use relate to the functionality of our website they allow us to improve the service we offer to you through our website.

Cookies record information about your online preferences. Users have the opportunity to set their devices to accept all cookies, to notify them when a cookie is issued, or not to receive cookies at any time.

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