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*Referral Terms and conditions

We deeply value the importance of  referrals so therefore happy to pay up to £500.00 in vouchers for successful referrals, there are no limits as to the number of referrals you can submit.


All referrals are subject to our terms and conditions which are below


Terms and conditions. 


Payment will be made once the candidate has completed work at the company Fox Search has placed them for 3 months and providing the end client has paid Fox Search


Payments will be made in vouchers of your choice


We offer up to £500.00 reward for each recommendation, the amount varies depending on promotion ran at the time, salary of candidate and fee agreed between Fox Search and the end client


Each candidate can only be submitted by one person with the person submitting the candidate first having priority unless stated otherwise by the referred candidate who has the penultimate decision who has referred them


The referred candidate must be aware that you have put them forward to Fox Search


The candidate must not have previously registered with Fox Search Ltd or have been in talks with a member of the Fox Search team within the last 6 months this includes contact through social media


Referrals must include candidates contact details


By submitting a candidate, you agree to these terms and conditions Details of the end client and the position(s) must be kept confidential


Breach of the terms and conditions can lead to withdrawal of the referral fee