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Education Recruitment Newcastle

A leading independent Education Recruitment business is looking to expand into the Secondary Education market in Newcastle.


Since establishing themselves as a leading Education Recruitment company with a difference this company has gone from strength to strength, already into double figures with geographical locations they now see Newcastle as the next piece in the puzzle!


You will be joining a new branch in Newcastle placed just outside the city centre so free parking for you and the Teachers coming in to register.


You will also joining an experienced Primary consultant that has decided join the company after several years working for one of the larger corporate agencies, staff turnover with this company is very low compared to other agencies in the industry.


The company is looking through a fresh set of eyes in respect to how Education Recruitment should be done both Directors have over 40 years combined Education Recruitment experience.


This company has an ethos of providing quality Teachers at a fair and reasonable price to schools whilst maintaining a fun and involving working environment for its Managers, Consultants and staff.


You will be provided with all the tools required to become a successful Recruitment Consultant and have the backing and support of the Directors both of whom have a long and successful careers in Education Recruitment.


The first think that will strike you is that consultants aren't given KPI's with regards sales calls, visits, fax shots etc. As we are only looking for a Consultant with experience in Education recruitment and a proven track record you won't need to be micro managed on how to do your job, the trust and freedom to run your desk is given to you.


You will be working for a down to earth Manager that like you will be billing and developing business, regular 1 to 1's and team meetings take place each week and you will be encouraged to speak your mind freely.


The desk you will be running will be a Secondary desk, you will have access to Teachers previously registered with the company and the Schools are already on the advanced, but easy to use data base.


You will have access to all the major job boards and any ideas that have worked for you in the past will be welcomed, encouraged and shared throughout the company.


This role should only be considered if you are planning to make this your last move in Recruitment. Career advancement will be offered to you and a clear promotion path can be followed.


Commission starts at 10% on all business you bring in and is paid monthly.


You will also receive a bonus for hitting 25, 50, 75 and 100 teacher days out.


Your hours of work during term time are on a shift of 7.45am – 4.45am or 8.45am – 5.45pm. Shorter hours during school holiday are 9.00am - 4.00pm.


You very welcome to call our office for more information about this role everything is kept discreet and confidential from your CV supplied to any phone calls made or received.


The interview process is twofold, an interview with the MD then an interview with the Branch Manager by which stage you will also meet the other team members.


This is a stable, Education specific, independent company with no share holders or external groups/ business to drain funds or impede investment. Last financial year they turned over more than 10 million.


Once we have a copy of your CV we will then email you to ask for a suitable time to talk to you before your CV is sent forward. *Please note you CV will remain in holding until a consultant from Fox Search has spoken with you.



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