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London Branch Manager

The role is for a Branch Manager (billing) for a new Education Recruitment Branch in central London. (EC1 postcode area)


Your starting salary will be £40,000 basic plus incentives and commission triggered by reaching certain goals and targets, equity is also offered once you have established  the branch.


You will have complete control over the branch and what consultants you want to bring in, the company is stable and independent and you will work closely with the Director.


You will have access to all the job boards required and a healthy budget for marketing materials.


Having recently gained the DCFS quality mark they are in a position to offer excellent compliance procedures. You will be using the RDB computer system.


At the moment they have several hundred Teachers and support workers on the data base many of the schools have also been put onto the system.


CRB and list 99 is set up and ready to go, time sheets and admin is dealt with by the back office support, the company website is being constantly optimised to show up on the first page of Google.


It is a really good opportunity for somebody that wants to remain with a company for a long  time, have influence with which direction the company takes and develop a career with a stable company.


They are concentrating purely on the London market with more offices planed to open, this is where your career can move towards a regional managers role.


The data base has been populated with Teachers and schools so ready to go.


To apply for this role you must have a good understanding and experience in Education Recruitment CV's sent that do no show this experience will be rejected.


All applicant are dealt in confidence we don't mind if you wish to send in a CV with out your name etc taken off.


It will be hard work initially but the rewards will be worth it and it's a great opportunity for somebody excelerate their career, earning potential job satisfaction.


Please be aware this isn't a major Education Recruitment agency,

the company is part of a large Recruitment group that has spent a great deal of time planning to enter the the Education sector so your thoughts, ideas and knowledge will be critical to the company over the next couple of years in particular.


You can send a CV through this job board or directly to us.


We are expecting a large demand for this role so please ensure you contact us early for a chance to land this opportunity.