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Q What is the process when applying for a position?


A (1) On receipt of your application we will email or text you to ascertain when you would like us to contact you appreciating that you may be at work


(2) Our first conversation will be to ascertain what you are looking for and to tell you about the service we provide. We will then arrange a time to conduct a full interview with you.


(3) After the interview we will provide you with a list of roles we have available and you can decide which ones you would like your CV submitting to you. We will not send your CV anywhere without your permission.


(4) We will then send your CV to the agreed companies together with a detailed summary of what you are looking for including salary and any other requirements you have stipulated


(5) We will then seek feedback from the Client on your application and set up interviews as necessary dependant on yours and the Client’s availability


(6) You will receive written confirmation of any interviews we arrange detailing who will be carrying out the interview, the time and date of the interview and the address of where the interview will be held.


(7) After interviews our aim is to have 2-3 offers for you to choose between.


Q How long will it take to find me a job?


A We try to work to your time scales however the most common response we have is “that was quick!”


Q I don’t want my boss to know I am looking for work, how can you ensure this?


A 90% of our clients are from repeat business so we have very strong and trusting relationships with them and they understand that all applications are confidential. If required we can also take your name and current employer off your CV for added reassurance.


Q I'm not really looking for a job right now but would still like to be contacted if any exciting opportunities arise. Can I still register with you?


A Absolutely. We will upload your CV onto our database and you will be included in all future mailshots for your area which will detail current roles we have available. We will also contact you personally if we think that you would be interested in a particular vacancy that we have and it would be for you to decide if you wanted to apply.


Q How do I know Fox Search is professional Recruitment to Recruitment agency?


A We have several testimonials on our website and also our profiles in “Linkedin”


Q I'm still working full time how will you contact me?


A Most candidates we deal with are still in full time employment and find it difficult to speak during the day which we fully appreciate. During working hours we will only ever text or email you unless agreed otherwise.  When we do need to speak with in person, we will agree a convenient time outside of work hours to call you.


Q Why don't I just put my CV on all the job boards?


A By doing this you lose control over who will see your CV including your boss and colleagues if you are still in employment.  Also, unfortunately there are several unethical companies out there that blanket send CV’s put without even speaking to you first. As mentioned previously, if you send it to us it will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will not be sent anywhere without your prior permission, what is more nine times out of ten we will also be able to enhance it for you.


Q Who will negotiate my salary?


A We will make all potential employers aware of what salary and overall package you require at the time we send them your CV. This    way your expectations are clear from the start. If once an offer of employment has been made you are not happy with the offer we would then negotiate on your behalf.


Q I also have a friend that is also looking for a new role. Can you help them too?


A Absolutely. We may also be able to offer you a referral fee too.


Q   Why do you only supply to the Education Recruitment, Health Care Recruitment Social Care recruitment and Australia?


A We like to offer a focused service to consultants and agencies. By being a specialist we get to know the industries we work in inside out.


If you have any further questions that are not covered in this section please do not hesitate to contact us on 01776 500073 or email